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Christian-themed toys

Wal-Mart has announced that it will begin carrying Christian-themed toys from One2believe.

The toys are based on Christian bible stories. For example, there’s a set of 3-inch figures based on Daniel in the lion’s den for about $7. A 12-inch talking Jesus doll is about $15. And 14-inch Samson or Goliath action figures are about $20.

Religious products have become a multibillion-dollar business, but until now, most religious-themed toys have sold successfully only in specialty religious stores, not at mass-market retailers. So, Wal-Mart’s launching the One2believe line only in stores where high volumes of bibles are sold.

From the One2Believe website:

This program represents a huge opportunity for the faith community as it is the first time a worldwide retailer has opened-up shelf-space for a strong Bible-based toy product, like Tales of Glory! However, this is only a test-run. In fact, Wal-Mart will only have Tales of Glory in about 500 stores and only for a limited time (August through January). They have temporarily made the product available, and are waiting to see the response from their consumers. The success of this program is up to us… we need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

This is a chance to let our voices be heard. By supporting this program we can send a message to other retailers and toy makers letting them know that we, as a Christian community, are truly concerned about the toys that our children play with! We are aware of the influence that toys have on our young children’s impressionable minds, so we would like to see more God-honoring options available. It’s a “Battle for the Toy Box”!

Please pass this exciting news along to your friends, family and church congregation, especially to parents and grandparents. Encourage them to go to their local Wal-Mart store on August 18th and ask about Tales of Glory toys.

While pushed as an alternative to the likes of Bratz and Spiderman, the Christian-based products appear to support a high-level of violence (see photo included in this post). Let’s hope One2Believe’s “Battle for the Toy Box” doesn’t turn into a bloody Christian Jihad.

No word yet on when Wal-Mart will feature Buddha, Mohammed and Ganesh action figures.

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