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Former priest arrested over ‘paedophile prayer’ sessions


A former priest has been charged with 93 child sex offences stemming from an alleged paedophile ring operating in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The 65-year-old was arrested in connection with offences police allege took place at a Catholic boys’ school in New South Wales, Australia.

Police suspect dozens of boys may have been abused during alleged “hypnotic prayer” sessions at St Stanislaus College, located 45 miles east of Sydney, according to local media reports.

The former priest, who was not named in the statement, was charged in May with 33 offences and has been issued with another 60 offences relating to at least 13 alleged victims, police said.

The allegations reportedly included claims of late night prayer and chanting sessions in which boys were sexually abused.

The priest is the fourth person arrested by the Strike Force Belle police unit, which is investigating a number of sexual offences that allegedly occurred at one Catholic and one Anglican school in the town of Bathurst, according to a police statement.

“We are currently sifting through a significant amount of information and as a result we have broadened this investigation.

“Inquiries are continuing and we cannot rule out further arrests.”

The allegations come just five weeks after Pope Benedict apologised for sexual abuse in the Church during a visit to Sydney.

September 3, 2008 - Posted by | Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Church Scandals, Pedophile Priest, Sex Abuse

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  1. My Heart goes out to those young people being sexualy abused by the priest….I cry for all of us whom have been harmed I never would of imagined the amount of us children thier were that have been molested by priest…now that I am a adult I come to realize how many lies they told me like I was the only one! Lie like Cardinals promising that this would not happen agin while they knew it was happening over and over agin just moving priest from country to country like they did my Perpatrator! Each time I hear of another victim across the world I wonder when The People will Stand Up Aginst The Church to save our community! How long will it take for Others To Wake Up! Catholics are out of control!!!! and have become organized criminals rapeing your children and are above the law according to thier religion this is not God Minded This Is Satanic!

    Comment by survivorofpriestrape | September 9, 2008 | Reply

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