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Aussie porn addict priest confesses all


My thanks to the Daily Telegraph – Aussie edition – for reporting on a pastor (priest) in Sydney who faked terminal cancer to hide the fact that he was addicted to Internet porn.

Incredibly, the pastor, who had released a hit song that reached number two in the Ozzie religious charts, and whose wife gave up her job to care for him, was only rumbled by his Church after they reportedly became suspicious about fake emails he had sent himself from “medical practitioners.”

Bizarrely, Father Guglielmucci forced himself to vomit all over himself every night and appears to have drugs to remove all his hair.

And all to hide a 16-year obsession with porn.

 “This is who I am – I’m addicted to the stuff, it consumes my mind,” he told the paper, adding that he is sick why he had to come up some ort of explanation of what was happening to his body.

I’d say he is sick, but not in the manner to which he describes himself.

His wife – even though she now knows the scale of his frauds – appears to think otherwise and says he’s still a good man, but has been rapped by lies that have spiralled out of control.

16 years of porn addiction? Jeez – that means he was downloading smut on dial-up modem connections.

Now that is sick…


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Confessions of a porn addict pastor

[Source] August 29, 2008:

AN AUSTRALIAN pastor who inspired hundreds of thousands of people with his fight against terminal cancer has admitted he faked his illness to hide an addiction to porn.

Police are now investigating disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci over the collection of public donations to his cancer cause.

The alarm is understood to have been raised by the Hillsong Church in Sydney which revealed the pastor’s hoax in an email.

His deception was so great his wife quit work to care for him, he forced himseld to vomit regularly at night and even lost his hair to fool his family and the public about the extent of his illness.

Guglielmucci, whose parents established Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God church, had earlier this year released a hit song, The Healer, which debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts and was featured on Sydney Hillsong church’s latest album.

It since has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Guglielmucci – more than 300,000 people have watched one performance on YouTube.

In a frank TV interview, Guglielmucci explained fabricating a terminal cancer battle to hide his 16-year obsession with pornography.

“This is who I am – I’m addicted to the stuff, it consumes my mind,” he said of pornography.
“… I’m sick and this is why I had to come up some sort of explanation of what was happening in my body.”

The shame manifested itself physically, resulting in him losing his hair and purging his body.

“I don’t know how you can fake vomiting all over yourself night after night after night, I’m not that good an actor,” he said.

To conceal the two-year cancer lie which he hid from his wife and family, he sent phoney emails to his loved ones from non-existent medical practitioners.

“I’ve been living a lie for a long time,” he told the Seven Network’s Today Tonight. “I’ve been hiding who I am for so long. I can honestly say to you that the last two years have been hell for me physically, emotionally, but I never sat down and said … let’s try and fool the world.”

Detectives have begun investigating claims that disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci deceived people into donating money to a fake cancer cause.

The South Australian police commercial and electronic crime branch has contacted officers in Victoria and New South Wales.

It has also been checking various Pentecostal church-related websites.

Guglielmucci’s wife, however, has vowed to try to save their marriage, despite the humiliating revelations of his cancer hoax and pornography addiction.

Amanda Guglielmucci, 29, has also defended her husband, insisting he is a good man, trapped by lies which had spiralled out of control.

“I know he’s not an evil man, there’s not evil in his heart,” she said yesterday.

Mrs Guglielmucci, who is staying in their Sydney home while Michael is with his family in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, said she would try to salvage her marriage.

“I know that I love him, I know that much,” she said.

“We’re just not going to rush anything, we’re gonna walk through the process, however slowly it needs to happen, in order for the healing and restoration to be complete and then we’ll go from there.”

She has turned to a counsellor to help cope with her husband’s massive deception, which has shocked not only his family’s church, Edge Church International, but the world-wide Christian movement.

Just over two weeks ago, the world-renowned pastor and songwriter sat his wife of seven years down at their Sydney home and told her the awful truth.

“I was the first one he told, he confessed everything to me,” Mrs Guglielmucci said.

“He just went through it – where it had started, everything in his life as a young kid, the patterns. He was crying, sobbing actually, absolutely sobbing, he just said ‘I don’t have cancer’.

“He was terrified, I still remember the look on his face . . . it was a very hard moment for him, as it was for me hearing it.”

Despite his elaborate deception and his admission of an addiction to adult pornography, Mrs Guglielmucci said it was feelings of sympathy and shock rather than anger that overwhelmed her.
“I could just see a really broken, unwell man. At that point I found it really quite hard to get angry,” she said.

“Seeing your husband of seven years absolutely sobbing in front of you, risking everything coming forward and telling the truth – in that instance it was really hard to be angry or mad.”

Mrs Guglielmucci said she understood people struggled to believe she could not have known her husband was faking his illness. However, she maintained his real symptoms – vomiting, hair loss and apparent pain – never gave her reason to suspect otherwise.

“I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him,” she said.

“Perhaps I feel a little bit foolish in this, hindsight’s a fabulous thing . . . but I’m trying not to beat myself up.”

Mrs Guglielmucci even quit work to look after her ailing husband. “In the middle of the night he was in so much pain I would put towels in the microwave to try and give him some relief in his back,” she said.

However, she never attended doctors’ appointments with him, a move she now regrets.

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Porn-again pastor – have your say


DISGRACED pastor Michael Guglielmucci has finally told of fabricating a terminal cancer battle to hide his 16-year obsession with pornography.

His story, first revealed on AdelaideNow last week, has rocked Adelaide.

 To have your say on the Michael Guglielmucci  saga, fill-in the Comment Box below and it will be considered for posting on this website.

And vote in our online poll, lower right, on whether he should now be forgiven for faking cancer claims.

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Money back pledge from disgraced pastor


A high-profile preacher who lied about having cancer has promised to return any money he received from donors.

Michael Guglielmucci’s father, who is also a preacher, has told the congregation of their church in Adelaide’s south that his son needs their prayers more than ever.

Michael Guglielmucci spent two years playing to packed houses on the Christian rock scene, sending an anthem of faith and healing to the top of the charts.

But last week the Melbourne-based pastor came clean about the terminal cancer he did not actually have.

His father Danny issued a public apology to the congregation this week.

“Mike thought he could escape the pain by creating a diversion from his addiction to adult pornography, so he created the cancer scenario,” he said.

Danny Guglielmucci is a founder of Edge Church International, at Reynella in Adelaide, part of the Assemblies of God network.

His son was a pastor with Planetshakers, an international Christian youth movement that started in Adelaide.

“We fully understand the questions, shock, disbelief and even anger you may feel, but Michael is struggling with a different kind of illness and is receiving professional help,” the pastor told the congregation.

‘Gladly pay it back’

As for money donated to Michael Guglielmucci in good faith: “[We will] gladly pay it back if people want their money back, absolutely. We are glad to make restitution,” Danny Guglielmucci said.

Michael Guglielmucci has not appeared publicly but a church leader read a statement from him.

“As a result of this secret life of sin, my body would often break down. I would report the cause of my symptoms simply as illnesses but the truth is, that although I was ill, I did not have cancer, but again used a mis-diagnosis to hide the lie that I was living,” the statement said.

Many of the congregation at Reynella have spoken of the need for forgiveness.

“Michael was a man, he sinned, and he needs to be forgiven,” said one.

“Everybody is a sinner and we’ve all been forgiven by God,” another said.

Danny Guglielmucci says his son is receiving psychiatric care and legal advice and may need to go to an overseas clinic.

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