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“Jesus wept.” Joh 11:35

God loves sex


A website with a name like Puresextucson.com is not something you’d expect an American Baptist pastor to brag about, but 27-year-old Jeremiah McDuffie is not just flaunting the site – he created it.

McDuffie sent not-so-subtle postcards to 35,000 homes in Tucson, Arizona showing a photo of four feet in a suggestive pose to promote a series of sermons he is giving on sex and the issues it raises for Christians.

McDuffie, pastor of The Element Community Church, said he wants people to know that God wants them to have good sex and to open the dialogue on a subject that is often taboo in church.

The poster the  sex-pastor used to catch fish

Esam Mudeer: Question to the Sex Pastor:

  1. does the Christian “God” want all people to have “good sex” or is this only married people? Why don’t you make it clear?
  2. Does “people” inculde gays and lesbians? Does your “God’ want them to have “good sex” too?
  3. Do the 4 feet in the poster you used belong to a married couple? Or is it ok for you to have a man with woman in bed like this to give your poster no matter what?
  4. How about those who are having sex, good or bad, outside marriage? Does “God” want them to have “good sex” too? I wonder.
  5. What about condoms? Does this “God” want those “people” to wear condoms while having good sex? Well, I do not know about those people, but I know this: condoms SUCKS! If you are going to preach sex with condoms, you are doomed to close your ministry, pastor.
  6. Which Biblical passages are you going to use in your sermons? May I suggest Song of Songs and other hot chapters to help you? I dare any woman in your church to read Songs 7 aloud. Check this modern translation out. Is this the “Word of God”? You might get more male members this way. More donations coming your way, dude!

I am very married and I only had sex in a condom-free marriage. Never allowed outside marriage in the house of Islam. Thank Allah (God in Arabic)! AMEN!

August 30, 2008 - Posted by | Evangelical Tricks, Sex in the Bible

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