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Gay Marriage & Christianity: Not Always At Odds!


Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi just tied the knot last weekend officially making gay marriage trendhunter worthy.

But according to Professor John Boswell, the former chairman of the history department at Yale University, gay marriage is an old-fashioned institution getting a new page in the history books.

The Ivy League teacher has done extensive research on homosexuality throughout the ages and discovered that early Christians, including the Pope, were so cool with same-sex committed relationships, they even adorned their churches with frescoes of sweet man love. 

A painting found at St. Catherine’s Monastery in Mt. Sinai, Israel, depicts two early Christian Saints, St. Sergius and St. Bacchus, getting married back in the 4th Century, with Jesus as the best man. Accounts of their sainthood, up through the 10th Century New Testament, openly united and acknowledged them as “lovers.” But they’re just the tip of the gay Christian iceberg! 

Early Christian documents with ceremonial instructions for the “Office of Same-Sex Union” and the “Order for Uniting Two Men” have also been uncovered. 

These rituals, which included a kiss, the taking the eucharist, and a traditional feast, are also seen depicted in the illustrations of Basil I, a Byzantine Warrior-Emperor in the 9th Century who married his lover, John.

Across the globe, Irish Historian, Gerald of Wales, recorded many a same sex marriage from the 12th and 13th Century and a 14th century.

Serbian Slavonic tome discussed a homosexual ceremony with the Gospel. 

Even the Pope himself presided over 13 gay marriages in Rome alone in 1578. 

So when did gay rights go wrong? It’s unclear, but if fashion can bring back the neon ‘80s, anything is possible! And now it’s gay marriage’s turn.

Sure, we may not have golden frescoes of Elton John tying the knot just yet, but at least Hallmark has already started printing a line of gay marriage greeting cards. Congrats to all the new couples taking the ye ole Christian gay wedding plunge! 

Adam & Steve?

August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Gay Marriage, The Vatican

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