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Disgraced pastor awaits his fate

[Source] August 27, 2008 :

Disgraced Baptist church pastor Royden Wood will find out next week if he will headed to jail or staying at home to serve his sentence for assault and sex-related charges.

The former pastor at the Ambassador Baptist Church was in court today for his lengthy sentencing hearing after he was convicted in April of 12 charges.

Superior Court Justice Lynda Templeton will hand down her decision on Tuesday.

During the hearing, Wood’s lawyer, Wendy Harris-Bentley, argued for a conditional sentence that would allow Wood to serve his time at home.

Harris-Bentley told Templeton that Wood is bipolar and has agreed to seek treatment for his mental illness.

Assistant Crown attorney Peter Kierluk said Wood should serve his time in jail and be supervised by a three-year probation order once he is released.

Templeton also heard victim-impact statements from Richard Howell, Norman Howell, and John Milonas, the three boys, now adults, who described how Wood’s violent discipline program has scarred their lives.

Nine of the counts involved repeated assaults on three boys who attended the church’s alternative school in the mid-1980s and were subject to Wood’s own discipline program that involved the pastor hitting, punching and pulling hairs out of their faces.

Two female church members were the victims in the three other charges where Wood grabbed their breasts.

Wood, who is currently out on bail, said outside court he isn’t afraid of more incarceration.

“I enjoyed jail. It was fun. It doesn’t scare me a bit,” he said.

“I had a good time there. I have an intense and passionate desire to help people and I was a tremendous blessing to many in jail.

“The other inmates were constantly asking me, ‘Why are you so happy?’”

For the latest local coverage, read The London Free Press on the web or in print.

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