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Victim’s Speak Out After Bishop Signs Priest Abuse Settlement


KANSAS CITY, MO.  —  A settlement is now official for 47 victims who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of their own priests.

The abuse spanned decades in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese of the Catholic Church.

All parties agreed on  the global settlement earlier this week. But, late Thursday, it became final when Bishop Robert Finn signed it.

It’s been six years since the victims started filing lawsuits naming 11 Catholic priests and one brother.

The settlement worth $10 million is the first of its kind in the state of Missouri.

One of the attorneys for the victims released a statement after the bishop signed off.

“Not one client entered this process believing that monetary compensation for their decades of pain was possible; each wanted only to protect future generations of Kansas City’s children from the anguish they carry.”

Read Bishop’s Statement

Kenny Landes was abused for five years starting at age 15.

“I don’t know if there will ever really be closure but for six years now I haven’t been really able to do a lot of work in terms of you know moving on and living my life. I feel a sense of relief that this battle is now over…and the church is going to be paying for me to have some therapy or some type of treatment to start dealing with what happened to me and how it’s affected me,” said Landes.

Bishop Finn apologized to the victims which was a term of the settlement. He said he hoped the settlement will allow the healing to begin.

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