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Baptist Pastor Salaries Narrowly Surpass Inflation


Over the past two years, Southern Baptist pastors are making more money, but the rates of inflation are not far behind the salary increases.

As reported by the Baptist Press and posted on Townhall.com, the Southern Baptist Convention organized a survey of more than 12,000 church staff members. The results of the survey, conducted by LifeWay Research and GuideStone Financial, found that Baptist senior pastors’ compensation has risen 7.26 percent since 2006, compared with the 7.01 percent hike in the Consumer Price Index, which is a major indicator of inflation.

By comparison, pastors who were not the senior pastor saw their compensation increase 12.24 percent over the two-year period. Full-time office personnel had a 9.55 percent increase, and custodians have benefited from a 9.92 percent increase.

Another finding of the survey is that two-thirds of Baptist churches are paying for their full-time pastors to have partial or full benefits. Of the two-thirds, 36 percent reported that their families get at least partial coverage, 19 percent report coverage for pastor and spouse and 10 percent indicate coverage for the pastor only. As for other insurance, 38 percent of senior pastors receiving coverage said they had life or accident insurance paid for by the church, 32 percent have a disability benefit, 27 percent have vision insurance and 12 percent have dental insurance.

Geographic region, weekly worship attendance and the pastor’s level of education seemed to determine most whether or not the pastor received benefits. The weekly attendance breakdown showed that one additional worshipper added to the average equals an additional $34 toward the senior pastor’s compensation. The average raise for an additional year of experience, however, was only $254.

Statistics were adjusted to account for the differences in church size.

August 19, 2008 - Posted by | Baptist Church, Love of Money, USA

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