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“Jesus wept.” Joh 11:35

Jesus? In A Sink?


Jesus has been appearing to people all of the nation in some very unexpected places, in a bag of chips, a bowl of cereal…and now a Struthers woman says he has made an appearance in one of her bathroom appliances. While she didn’t want her identity shown, she was willing to talk to us.

“Four or five months ago that’s when I noticed it and now I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before”, explains the homeowner.

After having the sink for over six years, this Struthers homeowner says the timing of her discovery was ironic.  “My daughter is a senior this year and I haven’t saved any money for college and we were going to move and buy this bigger home.  I was kinda stressed out about it and I was thinking how am I going to do it all?  That’s when I saw it so maybe I was meant to see it then.”

With that this homeowner decided to put her find on Ebay and see how much she can get for the Jesus sink.  These types of findings have been happening a lot in the last few years, and usually end up on the on-line auction site.

A Jesus shaped cornflake sold for over one thousand dollars last year, so how much will the sighting get her?

“I figure I’ll put it on there and see what happens because I really can see it.”

Some friends and family of the homeowner are instant believers, while its taken others longer to buy into the sighting.  “Some people laugh and some people are like, wow!  Some people are pretty shocked.”

So, if your interested in the Jesus sink, you can find it on Ebay with a price tag of fifty thousand dollars.

August 17, 2008 - Posted by | Jesus Appears

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