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“Jesus wept.” Joh 11:35

Jesus? In A Sink?


Jesus has been appearing to people all of the nation in some very unexpected places, in a bag of chips, a bowl of cereal…and now a Struthers woman says he has made an appearance in one of her bathroom appliances. While she didn’t want her identity shown, she was willing to talk to us.

“Four or five months ago that’s when I noticed it and now I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before”, explains the homeowner.

After having the sink for over six years, this Struthers homeowner says the timing of her discovery was ironic.  “My daughter is a senior this year and I haven’t saved any money for college and we were going to move and buy this bigger home.  I was kinda stressed out about it and I was thinking how am I going to do it all?  That’s when I saw it so maybe I was meant to see it then.”

With that this homeowner decided to put her find on Ebay and see how much she can get for the Jesus sink.  These types of findings have been happening a lot in the last few years, and usually end up on the on-line auction site.

A Jesus shaped cornflake sold for over one thousand dollars last year, so how much will the sighting get her?

“I figure I’ll put it on there and see what happens because I really can see it.”

Some friends and family of the homeowner are instant believers, while its taken others longer to buy into the sighting.  “Some people laugh and some people are like, wow!  Some people are pretty shocked.”

So, if your interested in the Jesus sink, you can find it on Ebay with a price tag of fifty thousand dollars.

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Albany diocese defrocks priest accused of molesting boys in the 1980s


A 60-year-old priest accused of sexually abusing boys in the mid-1980s has been defrocked by officials of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese.

In January, the Reverend Gary Mercure was suspended from ministry and had been at two parishes in Troy.

The permanent removal, which was being announced this weekend at masses in communities where Mercure was a priest, indicated a diocesan review committee found “reasonable grounds” to support an allegation of abuse.

Officials say the diocese investigated an incident relating to “misconduct with a minor” at St. Teresa of Avila parish in Albany in the mid-1980s. Mercure was ordained in 1975.

Mark Lyman, the Capital Region director of the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests, told the Albany Times Union that he is in contact with 13 people who say they were abused by Mercure.

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Ex-Priest, 86, sentenced for four decades old sex abuse


JUNEAU, Wisconsin – An 86 year old former Catholic priest and alzheimers patient, The Rev. Bruce Duncan MacArthur, was sentenced to a complex term totalling one year after pleading guilty to sexually abusing young women in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The sentence includes six months imprisonment, followed by one month in prison each year for the following six years.  Additionally, the ex-priest must register as a sex offender, undergo sex-offenter counselling, and has been ordered to meet with one of his victims for up to ten times to discuss the abuse for a two hour period each time.

MacArthur’s attorney, Alex Flynn, sought a dismissal of the case citing the State of Wisconsin statute of limitations since the abuse happened between 30 and 40 years ago.  The Judge denied the motion to dismiss and ordered the trial to continue.  On appeal, both the Appellate and the State Supreme Court ordered the trial to continue, deciding that since the priest left Wisconsin before the statute of limitations lapsed, the statute did not apply.

It is uncertain that the sentence will be completed in MacArthur’s lifetime.  At 86, and suffering from Alzheimers disease, it is also uncertain how effectively he could comply with the meetings with the victim.  What is certain is that even after 40 years, justice has been served.

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Protestors Demand More on Sex Abuse Settlement

CHICAGO (CBS) — Despite a major sex abuse settlement this week, victim’s advocates are demanding more from Francis Cardinal George. They claim the archdiocese is protecting priests who are accused of abuse and they want names, as CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports.

Demonstrators were handing out flyers right before the 5 p.m. mass at Holy Name Cathedral urging Catholics to contact the cardinal demanding answers.

The Survivors Network of those Accused by Priests (SNAP) is calling on Cardinal George to release the names of any priest who is accused of sexual abuse and may still be in a parish.

Earlier this week, the Chicago archdiocese agreed to pay out $12.6 million in a settlement involving 11 different priests accused of abuse. In a sworn deposition from the Cardinal himself, it was revealed two of the priests remained on the job after the accusations surfaced. SNAP feels there may be more accused priests in parishes right now.

“When an allegation is made, remove the predator,” said SNAP member Barbara Blaine. “We question how many more predators are still out there; how many have not been made public, and are children still at risk.”

Catholic protestor Joan Kocina said she was born into the faith and says she will stay with it, but will continue to fight the concealment of the facts.

The Cardinal said of the 11 accused priests, all of them are either dead or no longer with the church. He also made a public apology saying some of this abuse occurred on his watch. There was no additional comment made by the archdiocese Saturday.

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