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Pastor’s sex with daughter inspired by Bible

This following article by Diana Luciois a blow to the Christian Bible [source]:

Anthony Hopkins may have built a reputation as a preacher, but it’s how he’s accused of using his faith, that will now determine his fate. “The (unidentified) stated that when he first had sexual contact with her he explained that it was normal and he described to her and told her in detail the story of Lot from the Bible,” Said Ashley Rich, Assistant Mobile County District Attorney.

A story from the Old Testament that Dr. Cecil Taylor with the University of Mobile says, is a tale about a good man who gives in to evil and ends up committing incest with his two daughters. “Lot has raised his daughters in such a sexually perverted city that it was almost normal for them to do what seems to us so very abnormal, “Said Taylor, the Dean of Christian Studies for the University of Mobile. As sordid as it sounds, Cecil says it is intended to have a moral meaning. You have to be very careful as you read the Bible to avoid taking a negative example as a positive example and copying that in your own life,”Said Dr. Taylor.

Something that Hopkins allegedly did and Clinical Psychologist Michael Rosenbaum says it is characteristic of a sexual predator, to manipulate their victims. “They use whatever they can to influence the child to go ahead and engage in some type of sexual relationship,”Said Dr. Rosenbaum. While Hopkins stands accused of raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing one of his eight children. Rosenbaum says he also abused his faith, to have his way. “He obviously used that story and arbitrarily interpreted it, as a way to influence his daughter so that she would think that his having sex with her was ok,”Said Rosenbaum.

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Esam Mudeer: Am I surprised to read all this? No. I am not even shocked by this article to say the least. Why? because long time ago, I have read the following passage from an Islamic best seller written by a very famous Muslim scholar of the Christian Bible:

Dr. Vernon Jones, an American psychologist of repute, carried out experiments on groups of school children to whom certain stories had been told. The heroes of the stories were the same in the case of the different groups of children, but the heroes behaved contradictorily to each group. To one group “St. George,” slaving the dragon emerged a very brave figure, but to another group, fleeing in terror and seeking shelter in his mother’s lap. “THESE STORIES MADE CERTAIN SLIGHT BUT PERMANENT CHANGES IN CHARACTER, EVEN IN THE NARROW CLASSROOM SITUATION,’ concluded Dr. Jones.

Now, while bearing in mind the news item above, read the following by Mr. Deedat:

How much more permanent damage the rapes and murders, incests and beastialities of the “Holy Bible” has done to the children of Christendom, can be measured from reports in our daily newspapers. If such is the source of Western morality, it is no little wonder, then, that Methodists and Roman Catholics have already solemnized marriages between HOMOSEXUALS in their “Houses of God.” And 8000 “gays” (an euphemistic term for sodomites) parade their “wares” in London’s Hyde Park in July 1979, to the acclaim of the news and TV media.

Mr. Deedat then adds:

George Bernard Shaw said that “THE MOST DANGEROUS BOOK (the Bible) ON EARTH, KEEP IT UNDER LOCK AND KEY.” Keep the Bible out of your children’s reach. But who will follow his advice? He was not a B.A., a “reborn” Christian.

According to the high moral scruples of the Christian rulers of South African, who have banned the book, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,’ because of a “tetragrammaton” — a four-letter word, they would most assuredly have placed a ban on the “Holy Bible” if it had been a Hindu religious Book, or a Muslim religious Book. But they are utterly helpless against their own “Holy Book,” their “SALVATION” depends upon it!


Read Genesis 19, verses 30 to the end and mark again in “red” the words and phrases deserving this honour. Do not hesitate and procrastinate. Your “coloured” Bible will become a priceless heirloom for your children. I agree with Shaw, to keep the Bible “under lock and key,’ but we need this weapon to meet the Christian challenge. The Prophet of Islam said that “WAR IS STRATEGY,’ and strategy demands that we use the weapons of our enemy. It is not what we like and what we do not like. It is what we are forced to use against the “ONE BOOK” (Bible) professors, who are knocking at our doors with “the Bible says this” and “the Bible says that.” They want us to exchange our Holy Qur’an for their “Holy Bible.” Show them the holes in the “holiness” which they have not yet seen. At times these zombies pretend to see the filth for the first time. They have been programmed with selected verses for their propagation.

To continue: the “history” has it that, night after night, the daughters of Lot seduce their drunken father with the noble (?) motive of preserving their father’s “seed.” “Seed” figures very prominently in this “Holy Book”: forty seven times in the little booklet of Genesis alone! Out of this another incestuous relationship come the “Ammonites” and the “Moabites,” for whom the God of Israel was supposed to have had a special compassion. Later on in the Bible we learn that the Jews are ordered by the same compassionate God to slaughter the Philistines mercilessly — men, women and children. Even trees and animals are not to be spared, but the Amonites and the Moabites are not to be “distressed” or “meddled” with because they are the seed of Lot! (Deuteronomy 2:19)

No decent reader can read the seduction of Lot to his mother, sister or daughter, not even to his fiancee if she is a chaste and moral woman. Yet you will come across perverted people who will gorge this filth. Tastes can be cultivated!

‘Hopkins’ Sex Acts Inspired By Bible’ WKRG.com August 15, 2008

Read again and mark Ezekiel 23. You will know what colour to choose. The “whoredoms” of the two sisters, Aholah and Aholibah. The sexual details here puts to shame even the unexpurgated edition of many banned books. Ask your “born again” Christian visitors, under what category will they classify all this lewdness? Such filth certainly has no place in any “Book of God.”

I invite you to read this book Is the Bible the Word of God? by Ahmed Deedat while bearing in mind USA Today’s article.

Read the book online here | MS Word Doc. | Scribd PDF

Listen to the content of the book: Debate – Is The Bible God’s Word – Ahmed Deedat Vs Jimmy Swaggart 1 (www.aswatalislam.net).mp3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

You can also watch the debate of Youtube.

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