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Diocesan priest shortage draws questions, criticism

Published: Wednesday, August 13 [source link]

Bishop Cullen and the synod committee closed our Catholic churches due to “the lack of priests” in the Allentown Diocese.

Is there really a shortage or just in the information the diocese wants the faithful to believe?

Not taking into consideration the fact Bishop Cullen refuses to abide by the words of his superior, the pope, who states that there are plenty of priests in other countries who seek the opportunity to come to America and serve the faithful in the United States, which the Bishop refuses to consider.

According to the Allentown Diocesan hierarchy Web site, under the last census of 2006, there were 282 priests in the diocese. Of those, a total of 210 were on “non-parish” assignments (or diocesan priests) such as in Rome, out of the country, leave of absence, or mostly administrative. There were also 44 priests who were retired or at the diocesan retirement villa, many of whom were still capable of serving Masses.

Oh, supposedly there was also substantial money offered already for some of the buildings that were recently closed. I hope the bishop can find enough priests to be cashiers when he starts turning our beautiful buildings into sales transactions.

August 13, 2008 - Posted by | Closing Churches, Less Clergy

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