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“Jesus wept.” Joh 11:35

Jesus the Pot-Smoking, Flashing Hippie

An Austrian comic book, The Life of Jesus, depicts Jesus as a pot-smoking hippie who flashes people from a surfboard. The comic is the work of Gerhard Haderer and had been banned in Greece since 2002 thanks to complaints from the Greek Orthodox Church. Haderer had been found guilty of “malicious public blasphemy.” Now the ruling has been overturned and the book is again available for sale. [source].

Flashing Jesus?

Naked Jesus on a surfboard?

Jesus smoking pot?

Esam Mudeer: Here’s how a Christian blogger sees all this:

Sometimes we need to see Jesus in a different light. We need to remember that Jesus became fully human. He faced bullies and the awkwardness of an adolescent voice change and the temptation to get blasted with a stolen wineskin. Let’s face it: Jesus farted. Sometimes it’s good to see Jesus as more than the holy do-gooder people like to dismiss him as. [source].

If you really need to see Jesus in a different light, then read this book instead: Chirst in Islam by Ahmed Deedat.

Read book online: Scribd PDF | HTML | Word Doc.

Watch the content of this book: download vidoe [RM] here 35 MB

Listen to the content of the book [mp3]:

Stop mocking Jesus Christ in his name and come to Islam! 

August 12, 2008 - Posted by | Ahmed Deedat, Austria, Christ in Islam, Greece, Greek Orthodox Church, Holy Comics?, Nude Jesus?, Smoking Jesus?

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  1. How evil these people are…who want to change the holy character of our beloved prophet Jesus (peace be upon him).
    May God curse the those making mockery of Jesus (pbuh)

    Comment by Kazi Rizwan | August 22, 2008 | Reply

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