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“Jesus wept.” Joh 11:35

Bong Smoking Jesus?

“Lord” of bong smokers?

Some Christians will stop at nothing! [source]


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‘Smoking Jesus’ picture

‘Smoking Jesus’ picture continues to embarrass media in Asia

Bangalore (ENI). Pictures on the Internet depicting Jesus smoking a cigarette and holding what appears to be a can of beer have caused repeated trouble for media in Asia in recent months.


Smoking Jesus?

Esam Mudeer: Why did this picture anger a few Christians in Asia? They need to read their Bible to know that Jesus of the Scriptures is no stranger to both, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Smoking Jesus, according to the Bible:
(MKJV)  Smoke went up out of His nostrils, and fire out of His mouth devoured. Coals were kindled by it.

From Arabic Bible:
(SVD)  صعد دخان من أنفه، ونار من فمه أكلت. جمر اشتعلت منه.
(ALAB) نفث أنفه دخانا، واندلعت نار آكلة من فمه، فاتقد منها جمر.
(GNA) تصاعد دخان من أنفه، ومن فمه نار آكلة وجمر متقد.
(JAB) دخأن صعد من أنفه ونار آكلة من فمه وجمر اتقد منه.

Now with regards to Jesus and the can of beer, read this part from Ahmed Deedat’s book MUHAMMED (PBUH) THE NATURAL SUCCESSOR TO CHRIST (PBUH):


The Republic of South Africa with a small “white”1 population of 4 million among its total population of 30 million, has over 300,000 alcoholics. In neighbouring Zambia. Kenneth Kaunda calls such people “drunkards!” It is recorded that the “coloureds”2 in South Africa have five times the amount of alcoholics as any other race in the country. For the Indians and the Africans no statistics are available for their respective drunkards.

Jimmy Swaggart the televangelist records in his book “ALCOHOL” that the United States has 11 million alcoholics3 and 44 million “heavy drinkers!”, and he like a good Muslim, goes on to say that he sees no difference between the two. To him they are all drunkards! The rampant evil of drunkenness is universal. The Holy Ghost has not yet made its pronouncement on this evil through any Church. Christendom winks at drunkenness on three flimsy pretences based on the Holy Bible.

1. Of European extraction.

2. A mixture between the Black and White Races,

3. The Americans euphemistically call them “Problem Drinkers.”

(a) Give strong drink (hard liquor) to him who is perishing (one who is dying) And wine to those who are bitter of heart.
Let him drink and forget his poverty. And remember his misery no more.

(HOLY BIBLE) Proverbs 31:6-7

A very good philosophy to keep the subject nations under subjugation, you will agree.  


(b) Jesus (pbuh) was no “killjoy,” the imbibers say, he turned water into wine in his very first recorded miracle in the Bible:

Jesus saith unto them. Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.

And he saith unto them. Draw out now…

When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine …

And saith … (why) thou hast kept the good wine until now.

(HOLY BIBLE) John 2: 7-10

Since this alleged miracle, wine continues to flow like water in Christendom.


(c) Saint Paul the thirteenth self-appointed disciple of Christ, the real founder of Christianity, advises his new convert protege — Timothy, born of a Greek father and a Jewish mother:

Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.

(HOLY BIBLE) 1 Timothy 5: 23

The Christians accept all the Bible quotations on stimulating and intoxicating drinks given above as the infallible word of God. They believe that the Holy Ghost inspired the authors to pen such dangerous advices. Rev. Dummelow  seems to have some qualms about this verse. He says.



There are thousands of Christian priests who have been lured into alcoholism by sipping the so-called mild wine in the Church rite of the Holy Communion. Islam is the only religion on the face of the earth which prohibits intoxicants in toto. The Holy Prophet (Spirit) Muhummed (pbuh) had said. “WHATEVER INTOXICATES IN GREATER QUANTITY, IS FORBIDDEN EVEN IN SMALLER QUANTITY.” There is no excuse in the house of Islam for a nip or a tot. The Kitab-al-Haq, the Book of Truth (Haq) one of the titles of the Holy Qur’an condemned in the strongest terms not only the evil of alcohol but also items 2, 3, and 4 namely “gambling.” “fortune telling” and “idol worship,” with just a single stroke —

Satan’s plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah, and from prayer: will ye not then abstain?

(SURA MAIDA) Holy Qur’an 5:91

When this verse was revealed, wine barrels were emptied in the streets of Madinah, never to be refilled. This simple straightforward directive has created of the Muslim Ummah (religious community) the biggest society of teetotaller1 in the world.

1. Teetotaller: A person who abstains completely from all alcoholic drinks.


The question arises, how is it that this Spirit of Truth — the Holy Prophet Muhummed (pbuh) succeeded with one verse whereas mighty America with the brain power of the nation and the money power of the Government, supported by its powerful propaganda machinery failed with “Prohibition,” 1 the law outlawing alcohol?

Who coerced the American nation to enact prohibition? Which Arab nation threatened this mighty power with if you do not prohibit alcohol in your country. We will not supply you with oil? Not the Arabs as there was no such thing as oil as a “POLITICAL INSTRUMENT” in the hands of the Arabs during the twenties to egg the United States. It was an intellectual awareness among the American (founding) fathers, based on study and statistics which brought them to the conclusion that intoxicants must be banned. They failed, notwithstanding the fact that the overwhelming majority of the nation was Christian, and that it was they who had voted their Congressmen into power. It is rightly said that that which comes from the brain (intellectually) tickles the brain, but that which comes from the heart and soul of a man, will move the heart. The verse just quoted above from the Holy Qur’an on prohibition, had and has the power for change; we will allow Thomas Carlyle to reveal the source of that power:


1. Prohibition: The era from 1920 to 1933 in which the sale, trade and consumption of alcohol was outlawed in the United States as a result of a long campaign by church groups, women’s organizations, temperance societies and the Anti-Saloon league. It sparked off bootlegging, which gave a strong financial arm to organized crime. Congress repealed the Act in 1933, after strong public opinion dismay at its failure. These were also the years in which the infamous Al-Capone made his first debut.

Read the book here

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Uganda: Police Holds Pastor for Defilement

The Monitor (Kampala)

Opio Sam Caleb

Police in Kamuli is holding a pastor for allegedly defiling and impregnating a mentally challenged girl.

Mr Malinzi Yona the senior pastor of Kibbale Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church is alleged to have defiled the girl who has been under his guardianship after she was brought to him for exorcism.

“We brought the girl to the pastor for him to pray and chase the demons, which have been disturbing her, but we are surprised to discover that the girl was pregnant. “This man that we trusted with our daughter believing he was a true man of God took advantage of the girl’s mental sickness to defile her. See how Satan’s ways work,” the mother cursed.

The pastor has however denied the allegation saying the mother is merely framing him. “I am a relative of the girl and my principles don’t allow me to commit incest.” He claimed he is being suspected because he has been sharing a room with her to enable him keeps a close eye on her.

“This girl has been moving round with other girls and could have been spoiled by other people. God is my witness,” he said. Kamuli District CID Officer Boniface Walimbwa said he has forwarded the case to the resident state attorney and prosecutor.


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Burlington Diocese Back In Court For Sex Abuse Case

Jury Selection Set For Tuesday

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Three months after being socked with an $8.7 million verdict in a priest sex case, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington returns to court this week for another trial focusing on its handling of a rogue priest who allegedly molested altar boys.

Jury selection is set for tomorrow in the civil suit brought by a former altar boy who says former Rev. Edward Paquette molested him when he was a student at Christ the King school in Burlington.

The Associated Press does not publish the names of victims of sexual assault without their consent, and the man doesn’t want his name published.

The case is being heard in Chittenden County Superior Court in Burlington, where a jury on May 13 returned the $8.7 million verdict in the case of a former Christ the King altar boy who said Paquette molested him dozens of times.

The suit going to trial this week, which was filed in 2005, claims he “committed unpermitted, harmful and offensive sexual contact” on the man and that the diocese should be held liable.


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Editorial: Clergy Sex-Abuse Cases

Showing the way

Cardinal Justin Rigali and other Roman Catholic officials last week unwittingly provided a textbook example of the need for Pennsylvania to enact a law giving child sex-abuse victims their day in court.

So why are church officials still so staunchly opposed to Harrisburg lawmakers taking this important step?

Cardinal Rigali did the right thing last Monday by blocking the transfer to Bucks County of a long-time Philadelphia-area priest who was accused in a lawsuit of abusing four boys at a Delaware high school.

The Rev. Dennis Killion was headed for St. Bede the Venerable Parish in Holland, but was placed on administrative leave and assigned to a Maryland retirement facility by his order, the Oblates of St. Frances de Sales.

That likely wouldn’t have happened but for the fact that Delaware – under a 2007 law – permits long-ago abuse victims to bring such civil claims. Because the old statutes on these crimes ran out years ago, Delaware officials joined California in opening a two-year window for such claims. The window closes next July.

Meanwhile, similar legislation sits bottled up in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. It’s opposed by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, with its influential and well-funded lobbying effort in the capital.

In the Pennsylvania House, judiciary committee chairman Thomas R. Caltagirone (D., Berks) not only has vowed to kill the measure, but also made the outrageous claim that victims’ sole aim is to pocket hefty monetary awards.

Whatever compensation might be appropriately due to victims of sex abuse, there’s a broad societal benefit to a Delaware-style initiative: That is, victims’ lawsuits are the best and perhaps only way to uncover sexual predators and the church leaders and other authorities who covered up for them.

In Killion’s case, it’s troubling but all-too-typical that church officials waited until the priest’s accusers went public to halt his parochial assignments. That only makes the case stronger for Delaware’s law.

With the release of correspondence backing their claim, the four men accusing Killion contend that the Oblates were aware of the claims a decade ago and failed to act. Over those years, the priest served at several Catholic high schools, including Father Judge High School for Boys in the Northeast.

Archdiocese officials insist they knew nothing of the allegations until last week. That’s all well and good. But it’s long past time for church officials and their supporters in Harrisburg to drop specious claims that the lawsuit window will lead to parish closings, much less bankrupt the archdiocese.

In its scathing 2005 report, a Philadelphia grand jury identified 63 Philadelphia-area priests who abused hundreds of children over decades. Even worse, it accused top church officials of shielding the abusers.

For all that the archdiocese has done by way of reaching out to victims since then, its continued opposition to opening a window for lawsuits perpetuates the perception that the coverup continues.

The fallout prompted by the Delaware law demonstrated the need for Catholic leaders in Pennsylvania to support a similar window here.

Sourcer link

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John McCain is going to church again

August 11, 2008 | 3:01 pm

John McCain’s Jesus problem

Have you heard? John McCain is going to church again.

Yep, his campaign wants you—conservative Christian voter—to know that he’s really a religious man. They know he’s uncomfortable talking about God, that he’s more fluent in the language of the non-God-fearing crowd, that he’s given aging Christian right leaders the heebie jeebies. And the best way to solve these campaign ills, they assume, is to publicly plop his tochis in a church pew.

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone’s politics writer, observed McCain one Sunday at North Phoenix Baptist Church for an article about the Republican nominee’s presidential dilemma.

Just a warning: You’ve got to wade through some stomach-wrenching turns of phrase. I’ve posted a (fairly) clean snippet after the jump:

he (McCain) only started going to church regularly a month ago and as recently as a year ago…

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Students suicided over abuse by a priest

Five former students of a Brisbane Catholic school committed suicide after being sexually abused by a priest, another alleged victim claims.

Paul Fauth, 59, now based in Melbourne, attended Nudgee College in Brisbane in the 1950s and 1960s, the Brisbane Times reports.

He said a classmate attempted suicide on July 30 in Brisbane after memories of abuse were rekindled prior to World Youth Day. His life support system was turned off on August 1 and he was cremated on Thursday.

Mr Fauth said that of his class of 29 students he knew of 10 who were sexually abused by the priest.

“When I was eight he first molested me by pulling my pants down and fondling me, saying that he had to check me out for disease,” he said. “A week later he raped me and said it’s what big people do and it should be our secret. I got myself expelled when I was 13 so I could get away from him.”

It is understood the priest, now 89, lives in a retirement home in a Brisbane suburb. Mr Fauth said the alleged victims were planning legal action against the priest, possibly a class action. Before World Youth Day last month, Bishop Anthony Fisher of the Sydney Archdiocese said some victims of sexual abuse were “dwelling crankily … on old wounds”.

Mr Fauth said Bishop Fisher’s comments “were just so gut wrenching and sickening. I was so upset I called my best friend from school and confided in him and he told me he’d been abused by the same priest.”

They called others in their class and learnt six had been molested and four others had committed suicide. Mr Fauth demanded a meeting with Bishop Fisher and saw him in Sydney on July 29.

“I told him very forcefully that he had no idea of the pain and suffering he’d caused by his totally offensive comments.”

A spokesman said Bishop Fisher had “expressed his sorrow that comments he had made … had been construed as criticism of victims, and apologised for any hurt Mr Fauth had suffered as a result.”

A Christian Brothers spokesman could not confirm whether Mr Fauth had attended the school or whether he had been abused.

Meanwhile, retired Sydney Bishop Geoffrey Robinson was in Brisbane last week to promote his book Confronting Power And Sex In The Catholic Church, which created a storm before World Youth Day last month.

Addressing an event organised by sexual abuse support group the Esther Centre at the Queensland State Library on Wednesday, Bishop Robinson encouraged victims to access the Towards Healing program, set up in 1996 after the jailing of several priests and brothers for sexual abuse.

The program was promoted as an alternative to court action and promised justice and compensation to victims.

Bishop Robinson said Towards Healing encouraged people to report offences to the police.

He said the church had persuaded a significant number of offenders to confess. 

‘We can get them treatment so they don’t reoffend, and provide closure for the victim,’ he said.

Bishop Robinson, a former chairman of the committee that runs Towards Healing, said he had been ‘out of this field for five years now’ but he did not believe ‘there is anything wrong with Towards Healing in itself within the context of the limited goals it seeks to achieve’.

And in another story, a New South Wales man Anthony Jones who was abused by a Catholic priest says that Cardinal George Pell’s lawyers have told him he could lose his house if he keeps pursuing legal action against the Church.

“I’ve had a letter from my lawyer where the Church says) I’d be forced into the situation (of having) to sell my home if I continued with the proceedings,” Mr Jones said.

In the letter sent to Mr Jones’s solicitor, Peter Karp, in June, John Dalzell of law firm Corrs Chambers Westgraph, representing Cardinal Pell, writes: “Unless he succeeds against our client on all components of his claim … he is likely to remain liable for a substantial sum of money.”

Later in the letter Mr Dalzell says: “In light of your client’s impecuniosity (which means a lack of money), and absent substantial recovery and set-off, he will be unable to meet the taxed proportion of those costs without selling his homestead.”

Mr Dalzell also writes: “On any view the continuation of these proceedings against the second defendant (Pell) cannot be in the interests of your client.”

In the letter, Mr Dalzell says Cardinal Pell was prepared to walk away from the case without pursuing costs against Mr Jones, if Mr Jones would drop the case.

“If the offer set out in this letter is not accepted, we will produce this letter to the Court in support of an application by our client for whatever costs order is properly then available (depending on the outcome of the case),” he writes.

Mr Jones said he had rejected Mr Dalzell’s offer.  


Abuse victims took their own lives: classmate (SMH, 10/8/08)

Bishop defends church (Brisbane Times, 10/8/08)

Christian Charity? (Northern Star, 9/8/08)

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More than 50 per cent of all women in American prisons have been sexually abused

More than 50 per cent of all women in American prisons have been
The News – International – Pakistan
A case in point is the government’s apathy towards the sexual abuse of women in US prisons, which has been rampant for years. According to current estimates
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